Helpful Resources



Photo by j zamora on Unsplash

It’s impossible to list every person, conversation, book, article, video, and event that has informed our journey to this point, after all, God has been leading us to this experiment for our entire lives.  Here though, we’ll share some of the resources, both free and paid, that (after Scripture) are informing our thinking about this ordinary experiment.  We don’t necessarily agree with everything in these resources, but we’ve found them helpful.  Maybe they’ll be helpful on your journey too.


  • Organic Church: Growing Faith where Life Happens by Neil Cole
  • BiVo: A Modern Day Guide for Bi-Vocational Saints by Hugh Halter
  • Small Town Jesus: Taking the Gospel Mission Seriously in Seemingly Unimportant Places by Donnie Griggs


  • Planting in A Small Town here
  • Finding the Right Church Plant Model here
  • Why I Choose to be a Bi-vocational Pastor here
  • Why the Need for Hospitality is Greater Than Ever here
  • Why Hospitality is Vital to Church Planting here


  • Francis Chan on his transition from mega-church to house church here
  • RCA Church Multiplication videos on bi-vocational ministry 1 and 2
  • Rosaria Butterfield – The Gospel Comes with a House Key here